A Brief On Panel Air Conditioner

The electrical / electronic components used in control panels of different applications dissipate heat continuously. Also these panels are operating round-o-clock and round the year at any location. The life of electronic components reduces drastically if exposed to high temperatures for long period. Normally, a temperature of 27 Deg. Celsius with 45-50% relative humidity is considered ideal for maximum life of switches and other components. Hence reliable air-conditioning is required to remove the heat for sustained functioning of these panels.

Panel air conditioner manufactured by are highly energy efficient, light weight, “Fit and forget” series of standard Panel Air conditioners ranging from 250 W up to 3500 W with customized solutions as well.


  • High quality CRCA / SS 304 Powder coated body
  • 100 % tested for performance on specially designed Test Rig simulated for on-site load conditions
  • Closed loop design to keep hostile industrial environment out of panel. No dust, no fumes, no danger to the inside electronics
  • Emerson or equivalent made compressors with high reliability
  • Microprocessor based Digital Two set point Temperature Indicator cum Controller (TIC)
  • Potential free alarm for high and low temperature alerts
  • High / Low pressure cut-off switches
  • Lubrication free sealed ball bearing motors.

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