Why Choose Herambh Panel Air Cooler?

Herambh cooling PVT Ltd is a renowned company in panel air cooler and heat pumps field. We have been helping businesses fulfill their industrial demands as well as ordinary people. We are the leading panel cooler manufacturers offers all kinds of panel cooler like electrical cabinet cooler and electrical panel cooler, panel air cooler and panel air conditioner, and industrial panel air cooler- you name it. Besides that, we also manufacture heat pumps, swimming pool heat pumps. But here the focus is about choosing our panel air cooler.

Panel air cooler consists of a cabinet or chamber where fan is fixed. The grass is fixed inside the panel which is supposed to get wet during process. Another component attached for its proper functioning is water pump, which is like a central processing unit of this machine. It pumps the cold water into pipe, which allows the cascading of water onto grass making it cooler. The cold the water is the cooler breeze you are going to get.

It is easy to install, light weight and affordable. Last line was one line to choose our products, but there is something more. Nothing beats the utmost engineering what we put into manufacturing these products and the innovative employees who always strive to develop more efficient coolers. We agree our products are best at quality and functioning in the market, but most of you agree with the affordable range offered by us. Therefore, we are one of the leading panel air cooler manufacturers from India.